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Chris Swatosh Attorney at LawThe Law Offices of Christopher J. Swatosh website would not be complete without a disclaimer. Accepting the terms of the disclaimer is a condition to visiting this site. This site is not intended to provide legal advice, but to function as a resource for general information. Viewing this website, including the use of private electronic mail (e-mail), does not create an attorney-client relationship. Any materials received or distributed does not constitute confidential or privileged information. An attorney-client relationship will be formed with the Law Offices of Christopher J. Swatosh only (1) upon execution and payment of a retainer contract and (2) when a meeting in person between the individual or representative of a legal entity and Christopher J. Swatosh has been established. 

Also, I cannot guarantee that all queries will receive a response or that accuracy or posted information is current. This page is not intended to be a direct solicitation of services. Please keep this in mind when sending my office e-mail.

With that said, I hope that you enjoy my site.